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INVT Solar Pump PV Inverters GD100-01 & GD200-01

INVT Solar Pump PV Inverters

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The INVT GD100-01 & GD200-01 Variable drive Inverters are well positioned in an enviromental friendly and economical PV market. The product has been specifically designed for Solar Panel driven pumping systems with water storage instead of electric storage and with no need for expensive battery backup. The direct current (DC) generated by Solar panels is a direct input into the Inverter which is then converted into three phase alternating voltage (AC) to drive various pumps directly. The Inverter will adjust output frequency in real time in accordance with sunlight intensity changes.


  • Maximizing power generation efficiency of solar modules with the use of advanced MPPT control technology
  • Adjusts water flow of pump intelligently & quickly on the basis of sunlight intensity
  • Automatic hibernation & wake up control
  • Hibernate at high water level & wake up at low water level
  • Hibernate at sunset & wake up at sunrise or strong sunlight
  • Underload & fault protection of water level sensor to avoid pump running dry
  • TI DSP Technology & Infineon PIM design with functions of overcurrent, overvoltage & over temperature protection with built-in C3 filter, achieving a reliable, automatic and unattended running pump solution


Rural borehole, rural irrigation, rural muncipal water, agriculture, forestry, remote areas, residential & commercial applications, energy savings

INVT Solar Pump PV Inverter




GD100-01 Specifications

INVT Solar Pump PV Inverters


 INVT Solar Pump Inverter



GD200-01 Range, Specifications

INVT Solar Pump PV Inverters

INVT Solar Pump Inverter



INVT BPD Series- Solar Pump Inverters

INVT BPD Series- Solar Pump Inverter



INVT BPD Series Inverters


- Specially designed for outdoor solar pumping system with IP65 protection
- With optimized high-quality vector control algorithm, completely meet solar pump control requirements;
-   Support AC &DC input; AC bypass function;
-   Support single phase and three phase 220V pump motor;
-   Switch on/off automatically and manually;
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BPD Data Sheet
INVT BPD Series Solar Pump Inverter