Indusquip - Fan Case Study 001

Indusquip Fan case study
Indusquip Fan case study
Energy Savings, Vsd, Vfd, Inverter, Variable speed drive
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This Fan - Case Study for High Pressure Furnace Fan for Gold Mine
recovery plant where a Slip ring Motor was replaced with a WEM High
Efficiency motor and INVT Variable speed drive.


Original 350kW Slip-ring motor reduced to 315kW WEM High Efficiency
Motor & INVT variable speed drive. The Plant did have Power Factor
correction on Mains Supply and believed that this would reduce electricty
costs. Studies show that motors started DOL, Star delta & Soft Starter
are not corrected by means of Power Factor on main supply. Variable
speed drives offer both PF correction and reduction in current. (amps).

The savings in this application was 180.7 amps @ 525volts.

Please download document below for BEFORE and AFTER recordings.


Energy Savings, Vsd, Vfd, Inverter, Variable speed drive

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